Why is it so and can it be better?

I liked the puzzles that where there.
I learnt some stuff about the problem solving



I learnt about phones and the diffrents about the brick phone and the iPhone 6
I liked the task it was good
I learnt that the brick phone was in the 80s

I learnt how to make a pasta bridge
I liked making a pasta bridges

I Learnt how to draw a car.
I liked drawing my inventions.

Identifying the problem

What dose not work that you what to work?
Cures for diseases like Ebola
What problems would you like to see solved?
Ebola virus
If you could make something to make life easer what would you make?
Moon energy
What needs to be filled
The poor
What is the most annoying problem you have found
Ebola virus

What is a invention?
The action of making something most likely a device.
It is making something from scratch.
What is a innovation?
An action of making something better that has been made
Say you have a mixer and a knife you put them together and the mixer also dices.
What am I wondering?
How to upgrade remote control stuff
Is my idea a invention or a innovation? How and why
Innovation because we are upgrading the remote control stuff we are going to upgraded with stuff like speakers

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