Why did they come ?


1.What did we Do? we did three stations and watched YouTube videos.

2.What did we Learn? That it costed 10 pounds to come to Australia in WWII and what the forms looked like and what the ads looked like.

3.What am I wondering? Why did it cost 10 pounds to come to Australia from what it was.



gold rush

1.What did we Do? Learnt about the gold rush and and how it started and  who came.

2.What did we Learn? how the gold rush happen lots of other do treys came to Australia to mine gold what the word gold rush means.

3.What am I wondering? What made the gold rush importent to Australia.



1.What did we Do?leand about the first fleet to Australia

2.What did we Learn? About the first fleat

3.What am I wondering? Why did they  bring all of them hear



1.What did we Do?

2.What did we Learn?

3.What am I wondering?


Asylum seekers and refuges
1.What did we Do? listened to a story. Watched a video.learnt about asylum seekers and refuges

2.What did we Learn? What are asylum seekers.we are 49th in the world in holding asylum seekers. We hold 300 out of 1000 asylum seekers.

3.What am I wondering?


Vietnamess bout people

1.What did we Do? watched a video red a book and made a bout.

2.What did we Learn? 4 million Vietnamese died.

3.What am I wondering? Why where they fighting


Reflection on Colin
That a itinerary is necessary.
You need visa in some country’s.
Know where you go is a good thing to have.
A travel guild is good .

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