Ester Sunday
What customs are liked to this day

Some people go camping on this day

Some people go to mass on this day

Some go to church on this day

Some people get chocolate on it

Some people have a fest

We have chocolate
We go to church
we go to friends places
We have a fest

We go to mass


Dear all my friends and sririlx and Julius and justice crew
And the jabby walkers and all the youtubers that I like and all the people that I like.

Can you pls come to my party it will be at the queens house
It will be amazing.the food is what ever you what.
We have lots of drinks.

Hope you can come
From Daniel

This is the miracles that Mary mackillop did.

In 1993 the Vatican accepted Mary MacKillop was responsible for miraculously curing a woman who had leukemia in 1961. Despite doctors giving her no hope, the woman fell pregnant.The approved miracle involved the healing of a NSW Hunter Valley woman with inoperable lung cancer during the mid 1990s. Born January 15, 1842, New South Wales and Died August 8, 1909, North Sydney, Sydney.ParentsAlexander MacKillop, Flora MacDonald.






Showing courtesy
Story A man who gets lepasy then jesus cures him and his 9 friends than only one comes back and says thank you to Jesus and the others did not thank him

Meaning to be nice and to love each other

Characters Jesus 9 men lepasy 1 Sumatran

Scripture He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him—and he was a Samaritan.


Radiation is everywhere. We catch it from the sun’s rays in the sky, and from the rocks beneath our feet. It comes from television sets, radios and mobile phones. We absorb it from certain fruits, vegetables and nuts.

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