Performing arts

Semester 1 reflection

I learnt that mine is a performance with no sound
I learnt that I can make a short performance in 5 min
I learnt that there is different clowns



Semester 2
What I learnt
What a good act is.
A good act has movement.
A good act has voice.
A good act has music.
A good act has confidence.
A good act has emotions.
I learnt how to do Mexican music in the heritage project.

What I enjoyed
I liked the clowns they were funny.
I liked the guy that came in and did the clowning he was funny.
I liked olscs got talent it was fun because we did a funny act
I liked dressing up like a clown it was fun and I liked it.
I liked the heritage project it was fun and I learnt some stuff as well.

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