Camp 2014
What I liked about camp
I liked the giant swing it was very fun we got lifted up then we pulled the rope so that we could go for a swing I went to the top.i also liked the commando crawl we got to go in a mud course we got to shot people with water guns and mud bombs. We also got face paint or mud I dived in the mud.i liked canoeing It was fun we did it in a none mad made lake.

What I learnt
I learnt how to do canoeing it was fun I learnt how to turn and how to go backwards and forwards.

What we did on camp
On the first day for lunch we had what we packed. the after noon snack we got was muffins and fruit.for dinner on the first night we had pasta with vegetables and for the drink we had cordial.
For breakfast we had toast and as a drink we had orange juice.
For morning tea we had anzac cake and fruit.for lunch we had potato with cheese and ham.
For arfter noon tea we had fruit and some cake.
For dinner we had roast beef and vegetables and for drink we had cordial.
For breakfast we had toast and cereal for a drink we had orange juice. We had morning tea we had cake and water.for lunch we had sandwiches and apples and for drink we had a juice box.

The activitys we did was flying fox commando crawl giant swing canoeing archery bush cooking
And low ropes.

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