Big wright

Dear Sandy

I am writing this letter to convince you to let us tackle at OLSC.I think we should tackle because it would be better than little old touch. tackle is better because it is what we do at home at clubs and Inter School Sports. we do it at other places so why are we not allowed at school?
I think that if you letting us tackle will help us practise for Inter School sports and if we what to grow up and play footy and rugby.

If we tackle it will make play time better and amazing and great.Thank you for taking time to read this letter.

From Daniel

Japan wars 1
One day at a sparkly temple the master was teaching 3 students they had been his students for 25 years and it time for them to choose there type of solders Simon picked the assassin garret picked the ninja and bob picked the soon as they got out of the temple and killed so pigs for food. When they got back there sensay was dead.
And there was 300 robots they got there weapons out and they fort and fort they   killed all of them the next day they
Went out and stopped all evil. The end

One thought on “Big wright

  1. Hi Daniel,

    I think that your persuasive letter to Sandy about tackle argues some very interesting points.

    I would like to see a recount Big Write also on this page.

    Keep up the good writing!


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